STAR Student Transition Assistance Resources
ECAC Exceptional Children's Assistance Center

The Pre-ETS STAR1* virtual training for students with disabilities is here to help prepare them for a bright future beyond high school.

This exciting program provides online employment preparation and training designed to better prepare students with disabilities (ages 16 to 21) to make a successful transition to school, college or technical training after completing high school.

Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC) and Disability:IN North Carolina (DI-NC) are pleased to announce that we will be offering the Pre-ETS STAR Program, a Vocational Rehabilitation Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) to students with disabilities (ages 16-21) beginning in Fall, 2022. The Pre-ETS STAR program will serve students with disabilities from across the entire state, including students who attend public schools, charter schools and students who are homeschooled.

The Pre-ETS STAR Program provides classes for students in:

  1. Self-Advocacy Skills for Work and Life
  2. Career Exploration & Skill Alignment
  3. Work Readiness Training
  4. Career Mentoring

The Pre-ETS STAR Program is ideal for:

  1. Students with Disabilities Ages 16-21
  2. Students with an IEP or 504 Plan
  3. Students with limited access to Pre-ETS Services through their school
  4. Students who enjoy learning online

While open to all students with disabilities ages 16-21 with an IEP or 504 Plan, preference will be given to students who do not have access to Pre-ETS through their current school. Additionally, Pre-ETS STAR will also offer unique opportunities for parents and caregivers to partner with their student(s) in learning and planning for the post-high school transition.

Space is limited and all students will be required to meet the eligibility criteria to be considered for the STAR Program.

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