CommunAbility DI-NC Mentoring

CommunAbility:DI-NC provides business-led mentoring sessions for students with disabilities via group and individual mentoring sessions.

The goal of CommunAbility:DI-NC mentoring is to create an inclusive and productive community by expanding economic opportunity and financial literacy for students and young adults with disabilities through meaningful relationships with business mentors.

Group Mentoring Sessions

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Forecasting Workforce Needs Via National & State Trends

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Mental Health Wellness

The need for effective strategies to connect students with disabilities to businesses who can hire them cannot be overstated. In North Carolina there are:

756,600 people with disabilities (age 16-64) and only 32.8% are employed

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that about

12% of all individuals who graduate with a baccalaureate have a disability (Education, 2018)

Achieving a college or university degree does not guarantee that young people with disabilities will enter the workforce with ease.