Disability:IN North Carolina partners with business leaders from across the state to mentor students with disabilities to build strong networks with businesses prior to graduation.

Sponsored by Wells Fargo, the  CommunAbility:DI-NC Mentoring program currently is open to students with disabilities who attend one of NC HBCUs  or UNC-Charlotte.  Group and Individual mentoring sessions are offered to students with disabilities (including visible and non-visible disabilities)  who are interested in expanding their career opportunities. 

Group Mentoring Sessions

College students may register to attend group mentoring sessions focused on exploring national and state economic forecasts and the ROI of disability inclusion. Register once and attend one or ALL sessions virtually at no cost.

CommunAbilityDI-NC Mentoring Program For College Students Group Mentoring sessions

Individual Mentoring Sessions

College students may also schedule individual mentoring sessions with business leaders representing your declared major or, if you are undecided, explore different industries with one of our industry experts.

CommunAbilityDI-NC Mentoring Program For College Students Individual Mentoring sessions

Business Mentors

If you, your organization or your colleagues are interested in serving as a career mentor as a way to expand your talent pipeline for people with disabilities within your company, this opportunity may be for you. CommunAbility:DI-NC Mentoring recruits business mentors with a range of backgrounds in industry role, organization type, and career journey to serve as mentors for students with disabilities.