Di-NC Employer Virtual Forum

Welcome to the DI-NC Employer Virtual Forum Training Series on Disability Employment of Individuals with I/DD

Disability:IN North Carolina (DI-NC) is a recognized leader for business and workplace disability inclusion throughout North Carolina in building best practices and driving cultural transformation. With support from the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities (NCCDD), DI-NC  is  offering:  The DI-NC Employer Virtual Forum (EVF) Training Series to better support the needs of businesses interested in hiring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities ( I/DD), and Self Advocates seeking more inclusive employment opportunities.

Dispelling Myths About Hiring Individuals With I/DD Via Cultural transformation

  • Unpack the myths about hiring people with I/DD, to see beyond the perceived challenges and connect with the talent people with I/DD have to offer.
  • Explore ways to support disability inclusion and address potential team dynamics
  • Discover approaches to enhance inclusion of employees with I/DD, through cultural shifts that serve everybody.

Addressing Legal Questions Around Recruiting and Hiring Individuals with I/DD

  • Identify potential barriers to the successful recruitment and hiring of people with I/DD
  • Discover practical solutions to ensure that processes are built to minimize unintended barriers.
  • Dive into strategies for promoting self-identification and disclosure amongst existing employees and new hires alike.

Customized Integrated Employment : A Comprehensive Overview:

  • Learn about Customized Integrated Employment, the deepest and most comprehensive way to bring forth the unique talents and abilities of employees with  intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).
  • Explore the role of the job coach as a reasonable accommodation
  • Explore strategies for building effective partnerships with North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation ( NC DVR) and other state agencies and employment organizations.

Providing Reasonable Accommodations: A Deep Dive

  • Explore how reasonable accommodations work
  • Identify a variety of accommodations (including assistive technology)
  • Discover how employers can best support employees and candidates in the accommodations process.