CommunAbility:DI-NC Consulting

CommunAbility:DI-NC Consulting  is a signature program of Disability:IN North Carolina.

Through our consulting services, Disability:IN North Carolina partners with your business to develop a  disability inclusion strategy to transform your corporate culture and satisfy your companies’ objectives. Companies throughout North Carolina contract with Disability:IN North Carolina to accomplish their disability employment and supplier diversity goals.

In Person & Virtual Training Sessions (Podcasts, Webinars) and Consultation Support

Our webinars and podcasts  equip companies on how to apply best practices in disability inclusion to their business culture and processes.  Through our virtual training platforms and in person events, we  leverage survey data to identify gaps in service and opportunities for improved outcomes.

The Business Case for Disability Inclusion

Increase Profits

“…our analysis shows that companies led by Executives who are focused on disability engagement are growing sales (2.9x) and profits (4.1x) faster than their peers.” (Accenture, Enabling Change, 2020).

Increase Shareholder Return

Companies that have improved their inclusion of persons with disabilities over time were four times more likely than others to have total shareholder returns that outperform those of their peer group (Accenture, Getting to Equal, 2018).

$25 Billion GDP Boost

The GDP could get a boost up to $25 billion dollars if just 1 % more of persons with disabilities joined the U.S. labor force.

CommunAbility:DI-NC Consulting Training

Sample of Training Topics:*

  • Disability Disclosure (for New and Existing Employees)
  • Self-Id Campaigns and Implementation Strategies
  • Federal 503 Regulation Compliance
  • How to Effectively Engage & Manage Disability Employment Vendors/Organizations to Source Talent
  • Disability Etiquette & Awareness in the Workplace
  • ADA Accommodation Policies & Processes
  • How to Enhance Internships & Apprenticeships to Include Employees with Disabilities
  • How to Evaluate Hiring Practices to Maximize Disability Inclusion and Avoid Unintentional Barriers to Specific Disability Groups (Autism Spectrum, Intellectual/ Developmental Disability, Vision or Hearing Loss, Nonvisible Disabilities, etc.).
  • How to Source, Train and Retain Talent Among Qualified Candidates with Disabilities

* Don’t see a topic that meets your business needs?   Every business is unique, and every business has its own distinct culture. If the offerings above do not  satisfy your needs, we can work with you to custom design an approach  that’s right for your organization.