Disability:IN North Carolina and the NCWorks Training Center are excited to post links to a series of new training webinars DI-NC completed for the NCWorks Career Centers to enhance and expand disability employment and inclusion across the state.

DI-NC Toolkit Overview and  Orientation

  • Introduce the Disability Inclusion Video and discuss how NCWorks staff may access and use the video
  • Provide an overview of the information and resources on the Toolkit
  • Discuss some of the challenges NCWorks staff encounter that may present barriers to disability inclusion in the labor force.

Employment of People with Disabilities

Overview & Statistics

  • The U.S. Office of Disability Employment Policy categorizes persons with disabilities as the third-largest market segment in the U.S., after Hispanics and African Americans.
  • The discretionary income for working age persons with disabilities is $21 billion—greater than that of the African American and Hispanic segments combined.
  • Learn how to use statistics and data to overcome myths and build inclusive cultures that welcome job seekers with disabilities

NC Employment First | Diversity Includes Disability

  • Governors executive order 92: In March 2019, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 92, Employment First for North Carolinians with disabilities. Through the order, the governor directs state government to become a leader in recruiting and creating an inclusive job climate for workers with disabilities.
  • Learn more about how the commitment of state government to creating a culture of inclusion can serve as a template for local governments and employers across NC to recruit and hire job seekers with disabilities

Disability Employment Inclusion

The Business Case

  • What the research reveals: What are the proven benefits of hiring job seekers with disabilities
  • Learn how to use the qualitative and quantitative business case for robust disability inclusion programs.

Diversity Equity Inclusion

Your Role in Disability Inclusion

  • Disability is a part of diversity and equity conversation, learn how to leverage your role to advance inclusion
  • Dispel the misconceptions about cost versus return on investment (ROI) of disability inclusion

Disability Inclusion: Collaborating with Partners

  • How to build effective partnerships with state agencies
  • Examples of exemplary partnerships among NCWorks Centers and state agencies
  • Strategies for expanding the engagement of businesses to enhance disability employment across the state

Understanding the Accommodations Process

  • How to support job seekers as they consider when to disclose a disability
  • What are the steps in the accommodations process