CommunAbility Disability:IN North Carolina

October 25, 2022

CommunAbility Disability:IN North Carolina – Interview Tom Colclough

We recently sat down with Tom Colclough, Deputy District Director at the EEOC and recipient of this year’s DI-NC Steve LaBour Leadership Award. In our time with Tom Colclough, we explore the importance of the mentoring relationship throughout one’s academic and professional career, the value of internships and current trends in workplace accommodations in the post pandemic era.
October 4, 2022

CommunAbility Disability:IN North Carolina – Conversation with Dr. Tarsha Winston Reid

Recently, we sat down with Dr. Tarsha Winston Reid, the Dean of Education, Psychology, and Social Work and the Coordinator of Disability Services at Livingstone College to discuss CommunAbility:DI-NC and what the program means for Livingstone. We discuss some of the biggest challenges facing students today, the impact of community on student confidence, and the potential impact of CommunAbility:DI-NC at Livingstone.
October 4, 2022

CommunAbility Disability:In North Carolina – Conversation with Dr. Lucheia Graves

In this issue, we enter a conversation with Dr. Lucheia Graves, Director of Office of Accessibility Services at Bennett College. In this dialogue, Dr. Graves shares her perspective on when advocacy and mentorship need to begin, the value of exposure in educating the public around differences, and the intersectionality of race, gender, and disability.