Talent Source Network Members

Disability:IN North Carolina  Talent Source Network

The Disability:IN North Carolina Talent Source Network* provides a platform for businesses and employers who are sourcing talent from the community to network with agencies that provide employment services and/or human services to people with disabilities. The TSN List is provided to businesses and employers to assist them to connect with the agencies and services that meet their business needs.





IFB Solutions











*TSN Guiding Principles

  • Disability:IN North Carolina (DI-NC)  does not endorse or recommend any single Talent Source member agency to any business or employer.
  • Disability:IN North Carolina provides the Talent Source Network listing on the NCBLN web site (as well as a printed list of Talent Source Member organizations) upon request.
  • Disability:IN North Carolina will not provide the names or contact information for service provider organizations who are not members of Disability:IN North Carolina and do not hold a current Talent Source Network membership.
  • If Disability:IN North Carolina receives a complaint or concern from a business member related to or concerning a Talent Source Network member, we will notify the Talent Source member so they can investigate and resolve the complaint.

How to Join the Talent Source Network

To be listed on the Talent Source Network, agencies must:

  • Join the DI-NC as a non-employer member (membership must be renewed annually). (button to join page here)
  • Agree to uphold the DI-NC mission and values.
  • Sign the DI-NC Code of Ethics (available on the Join Us Page).


Disability Owned Business Enterprises (DOBES)

The Disability Supplier Diversity Program (DSDP) is the leading third-party certifier of disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs), including service-disabled veteran-owned business enterprises (SDV-DOBEs) promoting their utilization and growth. The USBLN offers a rigorous and highly credible national certification program for businesses interested in becoming DOBES. In North Carolina we have 3 certified DOBES listed below.


Agilitech Solutions, LLC    


Four Strong Corporation, Hickory, NC                  


Protection Products, Inc., Chapel Hill NC